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What are the advantages of buying used machinery from Hallmark Equipment?

Advantages of purchasing used:

  • Used equipment is normally available on short notice and can be up and running faster than new equipment ordered from the manufacturer.
  • Used equipment is also less expensive than new equipment.
  • Used equipment can be supplied rebuilt or reconditioned and set up to a customers specifications.

Advantages of purchasing from Hallmark Equipment:

  • The owners of Hallmark Equipment have 70 years of combined experience in the industry, and are extremely familiar with processing and packaging equipment.
Will Hallmark Equipment buy my idle, surplus equipment?

Hallmark Equipment will purchase your idle surplus equipment by the lot or piecemeal.  We offer complete facility liquidation and auction services.  We will also take your used equipment in on trade against the purchase of equipment.

Where is the equipment?

All the equipment in Morgan Hill, CA

Can I inspect the equipment before purchasing it? Can I actually see it run?

Yes on inspections, No on see it run.  Not practical to do.

Does your website show ALL the equipment you have available?

What is listed is what we have to sell at this point in time.   We do not solve the problem of finding equipment.  As-is, Where-is